poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2013

April Fool's Day

Hi guys, from today I'm going to write in English! I've spotted many foreign visits then this thought crossed my mind, - why they could not read my blog? (google translate service is not good enough) Of course my skills are not as briliant as you (especially polish people) expect from me. And it is not just another prima aprilis / all fools day / joke .
Yesterday I was finally able to write again on kafeteria (* kafeteria = forum for people with psychical diseases) but today i received new ban! And why? Was I insulting anyone? No. Just wrote about Human Centipede. I've watched it already, quite innovative film.
Then I wrote on kafeteria such post " I'm gonna to create human centipede from 3 kafeteria users!" , and i wrote it under nickname Rusłan 22 lata . Brand new 72 hours ban is mine now.

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